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Archive - WEEK OF March 19th - 25TH 2012

Israelite Nation


The Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries Weekend Update

Thank you for visiting the weekend update website of the Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries.  The Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries is a thriving, active body of Israelites that are constantly on the go.  Living a biblical lifestyle has members of the Israelite Nation engulfed in our rich culture from week to week.  This website has been developed to provide just a glimpse of some of our cultural aspects and updates of our action packed weekends.  As always we invite everyone to visit us in person but if that’s not possible, the Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries will keep you abreast with the weekend update.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Israelite Nation Abib Newmoon Service

The Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries celebrated the coming of the month Abib with a Newmoon service today. Prayers, song and worship to the almighty God of Israel was offered by the members to commemorate our festive season.

After the service we feasted in real Israelite style with mouth watering dishes and desserts. Elder Troy thanked the brethren for their contribution in getting the building ready and prepared for the next few weeks that promises to be busy. Elder Garth spoke about the signifigance of this month in relation to the next 7 years and preparing for plenty or the famine depending on whatever the God of Israel has planned. Priest Kirk got the brethren excited as he stated his belief in that we are in quite possibly the most fascinating time of this era.

It was unfortunate but the Newmoon service and feast had to come to an end, but we are just at the beggining of celebrations with our dinner and dance on Saturday March 24th followed by the Passover and Feast of Unleavened bread.



A Happy Biblical New Year from the Israelite Nation to you
The Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries celebrates the New Year according to the instructions of the King James version of the bible.  Members of the Israelite Nation will be celebrating the New Moon this week with a service and feast to commemorate the New Year.  Then just when you thought that it was over,  we are going to celebrate again on Saturday March the 24th with a dinner & dance that is open to the public.  Please contact the Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries for tickets or further inquiries.

Elder Shadrock Porter launches his official website

The Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries would like to congratulate Elder Shadrock Porter on the launch of which is Elder Shadrock Porter’s personal website. which gives a biographical look into his life is a work in progress as stories and links are added periodically.  Go to for more information.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Israelite Nation Celebrates Biblical New Year with Dinner and Dance

On the 24 th of March the Israelite Nation celebrated the coming of the New Year as per the Israelite biblical calendar.  Earlier in the week we had observed the coming of the New moon with a service and blowing of the rams horns as we usually do.  The 24 th of of march was our annual dinner and dance held at the Le Vedette banquet hall which was a dress to impress affair.  We were served 3 main courses which were delicious to say the least.  The Israelite Nation choir threw down a very spirited performance that had everyone out of their seats.  Elder Garth  and Priest Andil addressed the audience with a promising future for the children of Israel and some humorous dialogue as well.  Elder Val Andrew Campbell and Michelle McFarlane also gave addresses to the audience with words of peace and encouragement.   The dance floor was opened up with the soulful sounds of D.J Phantastik who has become like a family member of the Israelite Nation.  The atmosphere was one of unison and togetherness and even our guest and first time visitors couldn’t help themselves and were brought into the festive momentum.  It was a wonderful New Year Celebration.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Israelite Nation London England rolls out the red carpet for the biblical New Year

The Israelite Nation London England also kept a dinner and dance celebration in a red carpet style.  Well dressed as they are and ready for a party they celebrated with joy and cheer.  Elder Shadrock also was in attendance and took some time to take some pictures of the celebration.  Pictures are available of the U.K celebration in the “Inside Look” below.


An Inside Look of the Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries
Abib New Year Dinner & Dance
Sat Mar 24th 2012

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We bid Elder Shadrock Porter God Speed on his journey
to London England

Elder Shadrock Porter will be spending the New Year and Passover with the Israelite Nation's London England branch this year. God speed on your trip and may the God
of Israel return you home safely.

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