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Archive - WEEK OF May 7th - 13TH 2012

The Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries Weekend Update

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Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries Weekend Update

Thank you for visiting the weekend update website of the Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries.  The Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries is a thriving, active body of Israelites that are constantly on the go.  Living a biblical lifestyle has members of the Israelite Nation engulfed in our rich culture from week to week.  This website has been developed to provide just a glimpse of some of our cultural aspects and updates of our action packed weekends.  As always we invite everyone to visit us in person but if that’s not possible, the Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries will keep you abreast with the weekend update.



Elder Kurt Jackson Official member of the Priesthood

Elder Kurt Jackson was made an official member of the Israelite Nation's Priesthood office this weekend witnessed by brethren and Council members. The Israelite Nation prays that the Spirit would be there to guide him as leader of the United States Council and that the God of Israel would provide him with everything needed to carryout his duties.



The Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries on the Manhattan Neighbourhood Television Network Every Thursday

You can now see the Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries on the Manhattan Neighbourhood Network every Thursday from 2:30pm EST to 3:30pm. The television program is titled "Israelite Nation T.V". The programming shows various programming from the Israelite Nation Broadcasting Network. Visit


Members of the Israelite Nation thank the God of Israel for 7 years of marriage

Elder Garth and his wife Charlene will be celebrating with a feast to the God of Israel for 7 years of marriage. When asking Elder Garth about plans for his celebration he simply wants to have people that are close to him and his family, to assist him in thanking the God of Israel for his wonderful wife and children. The feast is around the corner and garth and Charline just hope it is acceptable in the sight of the God of Israel.


The Israelite Nation Choir hosts Soul Show in July

The Israelite Nation's Choir that goes by the name "Chosen Remnant" will be hosting a Soul show slated for this coming July. The members of the band and singers are well in their way in preparation and sneaking a peek at whats in store you won't want t miss it. More details to follow.


Another child given the name of our Forefathers

Priest Kirk of the Israelite Nation Officiated the naming ceremony for another one of our new borns in the pressence of brethren and family members. Just as it was in the biblical days the child was circumcised on the 8th day at the hospital, brethren got together and saw the baby boy for the first time then casted lots on what his name should be. After the name was given we feasted, gave the boy gifts and gave the family our blessings. We ask the God of Israel to bless our newly named prince Manoah and his family.


The Virtual Bible discussed the topic of sacrifice or the lamb of God

If you missed the Israelite Nation's online presentation the "Virtual Bible" it can be seen weekly on the I.N.B.N. every Saturday from 3-4pm just visit The host from last weeks discussion had an interesting topic on animal sacrifice.


Friday Night Bible Study with the Israelite Nation

This coming Friday evening's Bible study (May 11th 2012) will be held by Elder Frederick come on down and join us @ 7:30pm if you are in the Toronto area.


The Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries

The Israelite Nation Bible Study May 5-6 2012


Elder Shadrock Porter launches his official website

The Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries would like to congratulate Elder Shadrock Porter on the launch of which is Elder Shadrock Porter’s personal website. which gives a biographical look into his life is a work in progress as stories and links are added periodically.  Go to for more information.


About the Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries

The Israelite Nation today live in a society far removed from the days of old; when we had their own land, living apart from the rest of the world. However, as in times long past, being an Israelite goes beyond merely practicing a religion. To be an Israelite is to live and breathe the culture of Israel, which is present unwaveringly through out the King James Version of the Bible. There are no multiple wives or avoiding the places where an unclean woman has sat, because modern times have changed the need for such standards of old. However, diet, ethics, Holy Days and prayers have all remained almost exact in practice and appearance to the days of such famous Israelites as Daniel and Jesus. It is the culture of an Israelite ranging from the direction they face when in prayer, to the casting of their bread upon the waters that sets them apart of every other nation on earth. An Israelite is the sum of their actions and the content of their heart.

The Israelite Nation World Wide Ministriesis a religious body dedicated to keeping the practices, and culture of the Israelites of old. These are the descendants of Jacob, son of Abraham. Members of the Israelite Nation keep the laws of Moses, and regard the New Testament as truth. By doing this, the Israelite Nation is similar, yet distinct from Judaism. The Israelite Nation celebrates the New Year in Abib, keeps the Passover and Purim in its season, and honors the holy days written in the scriptures. The Israelite Nation practices and teaches only from the King James Version of the Bible, without interpretation or compromise.

The Israelite Nation is a registered organization, who has been given the same legal rights as other major religious groups. Therefore, The Israelite Nation is able to perform all legally binding ceremonies, such as marriages. "One Bible, All Nations, One People." The Israelite Nation believes that the children of slavery, those in the Americas, are the true descendants of Israel. However, descendants of the Israelites can also be found in various countries across Europe and Africa.

Can I be an Israelite? (Isaiah 56: 3-8) Any person willing to follow the doctrine of Israel, and to serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in spirit and in truth can become a practicing member of the Israelite Nation, (Exodus 12: 48-49, Isaiah 56: 3-8, Matthew 28:19) The Israelite Nation has simple, and precise guidelines, which are taught alongside bible discussions weekly.These discussions are held weekly at the home of the Israelite Nation, and at our branches world wide. Although the Israelite Nation is of this belief, they do not do not teach nor condone division among races. At the Israelite Nation people of all races and nationalities are encouraged to partake in the services of the God of the Israelites, (Genesis 3:15). All persons are welcome to become practicing Israelites regardless of their previous religious affiliations or ethnic heritage. Furthermore, the Israelite Nation is not affiliated with any group or organizations bearing the name Israelites, or any other variation of that name. The Israelite Nation has worked very hard in Toronto, Atlanta, New Jersey and London, to promote truth, not hate. The Israelite Nation is also active within its communities, aiding in the plight of troubled youths, today's poor, students, and young mothers. The Israelite Nation is intolerant of prejudiced, bigoted, and racial views. As a result, TheIsraelite Nation fights against social injustices and inequality, while working actively towards making a better future for all children, Israelite and non-Israelite alike. One of the most social and politically active branch of the Israelite Nation is the youth division, R.I.S.E., whose goal is to restore self-awareness to today's youth. The Israelite School of Performing Arts (IAPA) has also been created to add artistic value and enrichment to the lives of those young and old.

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